PARENTS in Trafford are being urged to ensure their children are up to date with their MMR jabs after a case of measles was confirmed recently in the borough.

Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group and the Public Health team at Trafford Council are warning parents to be vigilant and make sure their children have received both doses of the MMR vaccination.

Dr Mark Jarvis, medical director at Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “The MMR vaccine is a safe and effective way to protect against measles. It also protects against mumps and rubella, two other highly infectious conditions.

“The MMR vaccine is free. Immunisation is quick and simple, and an appointment with your practice nurse will only take a few minutes.”

Eleanor Rolf, interim director of public health at Trafford Council said: “We have a confirmed case of measles in Trafford, so we would ask parents to be vigilant and also that everyone should make sure that they have had both doses of MMR.

“Don’t forget that teenagers and young adults may also be at risk of measles if they are not fully immunised, especially if they are travelling abroad.”

Messenger Newspapers:

Measles symptons include rashes that start on the face and behind the ears, before spreading over the body.

Measles symptoms include a fever, irritability, cold-like symptoms including a running nose, sore and runny eyes, dry ‘croupy’ cough, white spots on the gums (second and third day), rash (third or fourth day) starting on the face and behind the ears, then spreading down the body.

If your child displays any of these symptoms, and has not had both MMR injections, you should contact your GP immediately.