IF you walk around Kids Allowed, the purpose built nursery in Broadheath, it’s the happy atmosphere that strikes you first.

The second notable thing is that every toy-filled room opens into a fresh-air play garden.

Manager Nicola Cleverly, 33, said playing in the fresh air is key to a child's early years development.

She said: “I love it here. I wouldn’t change it for the world. They play outside every day, all year round, to experience all weathers.

"An open door policy allows children to venture between rooms and gardens. We provide sun screen and the parents provide the sunhats.”

The nursery aims at all the children qualifying for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

She said: “We follow the EYFS using individual child-led achievements and documenting their progress monthly or bi-monthly.”

The over threes are prepared for school in a play-friendly way by Sasha, a qualified teacher.

She said: “They follow the Oxford Reading Tree, she teaches them to ride two wheeler bikes and has a gym class to accustom them to getting changed.

"Just like school, she has teaching times in small groups and, just like school the kids where a uniform – grey tee-shirts and purple jumpers.”

Kids Allowed is open from 7.30am until 6.30pm, five days a week, although some children attend part-time.

Included in the price are breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and an evening snack, nappy provision and changing and, if parents agree, trips out.

The ratio of adults to children varies from one adult to three children in the under twos and one adult to eight children in the over threes.

Since it opened on April 3, the nursery has had lots of children join and they still have some spaces available. So interested parents should apply and find out about other activities such as the Holiday Club.

You’ll never forget the image of a toddler covered in paint and smiles, waving you goodbye.

* For more information telephone Nicola Cleverly at 0161 507 6900