SALE Nomads’ next production, Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitemore, is based on a true story about Britain’s most famous codebreaker.

It’s about Alan Turing who cracked the German Enigma Code and helped the Allies win the Second World War.

Experienced actor Mark Lees, 53, played with Heald Green Theatre before moving to Sale with his wife Jill in 2016.

As a newcomer to Sale Nomads, Mark said he is thrilled about landing the lead role as the famous codebreaker.

The play tells the tragic story of Turing, who was was convicted in 1952 of ‘gross indecency’ after admitting having a homosexual affair.

Homosexual acts were criminal offences in Britain at that time and Turing had to choose between imprisonment or compulsory hormone ‘treatment’.

Mark thinks that without the persecution that Turing endured for his homosexuality, he could have gone on to even greater scientific accomplishments.

He said: “He regarded the war as an interruption to his work and could perceive a time when computers would not only have intelligence but feelings too.”

Mark said he has put his own personal experiences to good use.

They include working as a psychologist, service in the police force and a period as head of year at Sale High School.

It was Sale High School where Mark first heard about Turing because there was a House named after him.

He said: “As a child Turing loved maths and science, especially cryptology, the study of codes. His patriotism led him to volunteer for the Intelligence Service.

“He had problems with social situations because he was autistic. This added to his difficulties with women though his problems with the law brought him closer to his mother.

“This role has been challenging as well as rewarding. I had to become familiar with complex mathematical assumptions and an understanding of computer development.

“I also had to learn about the complicated process employed by the German enigma code.

“I did this in order to authentically portray Turing in a way he deserved.

“The title of the play also relates to the breaking of the sexual code. Given the recent changes in Gay Marriage and Equality Act the play is not only interesting from a historical perspective but also in relation to modern day issues.”

Breaking the Code is at Sale Nomads Club House, Friars Road, from June 6 – 9.

For tickets, telephone 0161 969 5140 or 0161 283 2109.