TRAFFORD’s new green Green Party councillors refused to support Labour’s Andrew Western as the new leader of Trafford Council during a leadership vote last week.

The Greens chose to remain independent and abstained from the leadership vote at town hall on Wednesday, May 23.

Cllr Geraldine Coggins cited disagreements with Labour on many issues as the reason for not backing the Labour Leader.

Cllr Geraldine Coggins, Leader of the Green Party on Trafford Council said: “We wish the new administration well and we will work with them where we agree.

“As the first Greens on Trafford Council, we’ll work constructively with all parties on issues where we have common ground.

“But Labour do not have majority on council, and there will be many close votes and we promise to hold them to account.”

The Greens took two seats in Altrincham from the Conservatives in Altrincham at the local elections on May 3.


“However, we are not the Labour Party and we disagree with them on many issues. If we look at nearby Labour Councils in other parts of Greater Manchester and beyond, they have a very poor record on issues like green belt, air pollution and tree protection.

“Our priorities over the next year will include getting a better deal for residents on the Amey contract and the chaos for the bins and highways it has caused.

“We will continue to stand up for our neighbourhoods and green space and tackle road safety and air pollution.

“We hope to push Trafford to take these issues more seriously.”

Labour had to rely on support from the Liberal Democrats to secure Cllr Western’s position. The two parties, who agreed to form an alliance after the election, secured Western’s leadership with a 32 vote majority.

Cllr Western replaces Conservative Leader Cllr Sean Anstee, who served as Leader of Trafford Council from 2014 to 2018.

The town hall meeting was a historical night as Green Party councillors took their seats in the new-look Trafford Council chamber for the first time.

It was also the first time Trafford has been represented by four parties in its 40 year history.