Campaigners fighting Gary Neville’s plan to develop greenbelt land at Turn Moss will take part in a celebratory walk after the application was put on hold.

Following the end of Tory rule at Trafford Council a decision was taken to delay the application hearing.

The Manchester United legend wants to develop some of the land, in Stretford, for Salford City FC and the planned  University (UA) 92 to use.

The application included new football pitches, a new cafe, playground, changing rooms, exercise trail and 4G pitch.

However, the developement caused outrage as residents feared they would no longer have acess to the plot.

Hundreds are expected to take part in Saturday’s walk from Manchester Town Hall to Jackson’s Boat at 2.30pm.

Friends of Turn Moss chairman, Simon Howarth said: “We want the walk to be a celebration of our parks and green space.

“And it will be because the ill-conceived plans to develop on Turn Moss have been put on hold.

“Hopefully, it will be confirmed as scrapped in the coming week so we can really relax and enjoy ourselves.”

He added: “It’s now up to us to come up with better plans by consulting with the entire community including  local football teams who use Turn Moss regularly.

Campaigners argued that the former Tory-led council and United star failed to listen or consult the community on its plans for Turn Moss.

It is an accusation that has been vigorously denied by the authority and Gary Neville.

However, Mr Howarth added: “Our campaign has brought together Stretford and Chorlton communities in a way that has never really happened before.

“This walk is also a chance for us to celebrate that together.”

Last week, after the shock election result Labour leader Andrew Weston and the council’s chief executive Theresa Grant agreed to put the Turn Moss application on hold.

Speaking at the time Coun Western said: “This does not mean the application has been withdrawn, but the council recognises that if we do take charge it will be.”

“If Labour forms an executive, the plan will be withdrawn as the council is the applicant.

Coun Western said, as per his party’s pre-election manifesto, Labour would then “engage with the community” to come up with a plan for Turn Moss that benefits everyone, not just “a private football club”.

Friends of Turn Moss co-chairman, Nigel Woodcock said everyone who values urban green space is welcome to join the walk.

“Especially Friends of Longford Park, which might get some investment now, instead of the council borrowing millions to ruin neighbouring greenbelt land,” he added.

“After last week’s election we can feel more confident about the future as there’s so much to be happy about for all lovers of nature and green space.

“We also need to maintain the solidarity which has grown between the two communities, in order to see off the flawed UA92 proposals – an ill-considered vanity project based on property speculation.”

Organisers said everyone is welcome on the walk and those who favour a short stroll could join the group at Longford Park at 3.15pm.

The walk will be dog-friendly,  and wheelchair and pushchair users can join at Trafford Town Hall.