GARY Neville's controversial plans to transform Turn Moss into football training pitches could be abandoned before an official decision is taken by Trafford Council, after the United legend appeared to concede defeat on social media.

The United legend appeared deflated when he took to Twitter to vent his frustrations over Turn Moss, admitting that his plans may no longer be realisable with Labour in control of Trafford Council.

The former United captain confirmed that he is looking at alternative sites in Trafford.

He said: "Please don’t mistake my despair with anger. I have met the local sports teams and know how much this means to them.

"We will be ok, don’t worry, however we will be leaving the mess that is Turn Moss (from a sports perspective) behind."

He added: "We will have what we want. I’m going to two locations elsewhere in Trafford tomorrow (Friday, May 11) who are opening their arms to us for the investment and usage.

"It doesn’t affect us one bit. Please get that. However, those kids of Stretford - I’m sorry...We have tried."

The council’s planning committee was due to make a decision on the plans next week, but the application was postponed following Trafford Labour's victory at the local elections last Thursday.

Trafford Labour have opposed Mr Neville's proposals from the beginning and Labour Leader Andrew Western said the party would reject the application if the party were to take charge of the council.

Mr Neville's fears over a Labour Council defeating his plans were confirmed today when Conservative Council Leader Sean Anstee officially ceded control of the council to Labour.

Following Labour's election victory, Cllr Western agreed with council chief executive Theresa Grant to delay the application hearing.

He said: “We are not yet there with negotiations. This does not mean the application has been withdrawn, but the council recognises that if we do take charge it will be.

"If Labour forms an executive, the plan will be withdrawn as the council is the applicant.

Cllr Western said Labour would then "engage with the community" to come up with a plan for Turn Moss that benefits everyone, not just "a private football club".

A Friends of Turn Moss spokesman said supporters were "absolutely delighted" the plan had been deferred.

She said: “Public anger at the council’s plans for Turn Moss — and other green belt sites — played a significant role in the Trafford election results.

“We hope the current planning application will be withdrawn very soon. This is a real victory for local people.”