PEOPLE are being urged to renew their green bin subscriptions after Trafford Council warned that bins without new permit stickers will not be collected after June 4.

The green bin collection fee has proved divisive in Trafford with some people claiming the Council are charging for a service that was previously covered by council tax payments.

Margaret Doyle, who lives in Urmston, said: "It was a charge taken under false pretenses. I paid but my neighbours didn't and they are still getting their garden waste emptied in their green bin."

But any hope that the green bin charge would be scrapped were nipped in the bud when One Trafford issued a reminder to households that permits must be renewed by Friday, May 18 if they don't want to miss out on collections.

Garden waste such as leaves, twigs, small branches and grass cuttings can be recycled in the green bin for weekly collection, rather than taking garden waste to the recycling centre.

The Council claim the green bin tax helps Trafford by saving the Council money, which can then be used to benefit local community services.

The Council say the green bin charge has helped Trafford become the highest performing borough in Greater Manchester for recycling, with a household recycling rate of 61.3 per cent.

A spokesperson for One Trafford said: “Trafford is a top recycling borough and we are keen to recycle even more.

"When you recycle your garden waste, you are helping to close the waste loop. Garden waste is sent to the In-Vessel Composter where naturally occurring nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium break down the waste. The peat-free compost can then be used to grow plants and food.”

The Council has warned people that if a green bin does not have a new garden waste permit sticker from June 4 onwards, the bin will not be collected.

You can register for the service from £40 per year but you can claim a £5.00 discount on the annual subscription if you sign up online. You can also register by phone for the full annual fee.