Stretford and Urmston MP Kate Green joined Labour councillors on the town hall steps to congratulate them on their electoral success.

The Messenger caught up with her to ask questions about how last week's electoral success might affect Trafford

What does this result mean for the residents of Trafford?

"Clearly the residents of Trafford voted for a change and that's what they are expecting and that's what they want. It will mean that we have a borough that works for every resident in Trafford. Particularly I'm hoping to see changes for my constituents in the north part of the borough.

"We have some of the highest levels of need in my part of the borough and it will be great to have a Labour council standing up for every one of my constituents. I means we will be able to protect our environment. It means we will be able to invest in services for young people, for elderly people who need care.

"Obviously, funding in local government is very, very tight, but we will be prioritising the people who lost out most under the Tories and making this a fairer, better borough for everyone."

As far as the election went, we had the Chancellor and Mrs May here pointing up what a signature council this was, but was that the opinion of the voters?

"Clearly not, as they voted out Tory councillors and when the Prime Minister was in Trafford last week she was bizarrely suggesting that the Amey contract, which has caused so much anger to our residents, was a good thing for the people of the borough.

"I think the visits from Cabinet members and senior Tories did absolutely no good whatsoever. Residents see right through that kind of stuff and they care about the day-to-day services they are getting from their council and they just said the Tories aren't delivering."

There are issues over building on green space and the erection of an academy, what will Labour now be doing?

"So, the first thing is that a lot of the proposals that are going through, including those at Turn Moss in Stretford, in Flixton and plans to build in the green belt and the basketball stadium at George Carnall, we have been saying none of those plans have been properly draw up, with the consultation and consent of the residents.

"So we are putting a halt on those things until we have properly heard residents voices and if they don't agree or are not in their best interests we wont be going ahead with them.

"We have already said that we would scrap the plans for building houses on Flixton green belt. We want to stop the development process on Turn Moss re-engage with the residents there and only proceed with their agreement and do what's in the best interest of everyone in that part of the borough.

"And George Carnall — there has been no discussion with the residents, no discussion at all, so we will be going right back to the beginning and saying let's hear your views."

If you are going to stop certain projects in Trafford would that include the building of a new leisure centre in Altrincham on hold or only those that are contentious?

"Well, we welcome new investment all over the borough and I want everyone in Trafford and my constituency and in other parts to enjoy the very best facilities and services that we can deliver for them.

"But obviously we are going to have to have a look again at budget priorities and perhaps those areas that haven't had their fair share of resources in the past under the Tories, we will want to re-balance that budget so there's a fairer distribution of investment, a fairer distribution of spending and making sure the best services are available to everyone in the borough, but particularly those who have lost out and are suffering the most."