PARENTS took it upon themselves to clean up the borough's play areas after a 'tsunami of litter' left Trafford's green spaces unfit for children over the bank holiday weekend.

Overflowing litter bins, scattered crisp packets and discarded cans was the sight that greeted families to Flixton Park on Monday morning.

Flixton dad-of-two Seth Rhodes said he spent twenty minutes cleaning up litter around Flixton Park this morning before his two young boys could safely enter the play area.

He blamed the rubbish on the overflowing litter bins that appeared not to have been emptied since yesterday.

Mr Rhodes said: "It's like a tsunami of litter has hit Flixton this weekend.

He added: "Amey, your service is a shambles".

He's not the only Flixton parent to take matters into his own hands.

Derek Morgan also regularly volunteers his time picking up litter around the borough's parks.

He said: "I picked up eight cans of lager from the football pitches at Flixton Field just yesterday. It's not just the bank holiday, it's like this every week."

The wide-spread littering has re-fuelled debate among residents about Amey, the contractor responsible for council services in Trafford.

The issue also caught the attention of Flixton's new Labour councillor, Simon Thomas. He assured residents that the issue will be on his agenda when he attends his first council meeting on May 23.

Cllr Thomas said he has already quizzed Amey on their bin collections rota and will push the council for more frequent collections if needed.

Cllr Thomas said: "I am guessing that the park was heavily used over the lovely weekend. That said the bins should be looked at more frequently to avoid them overflowing.

"I have enquired of Amey as to the timetable of bin collection and if the collections are increased in number when there is a potential higher use of the facilities.

"Occasions like the weekend that we have had is obviously producing more litter but children's areas are high priority and should be factored in.

"The use of the park will rise with this brilliant weather. I have asked for a Rota from One Trafford to see if there is more frequent collections on weekends.

"I will look to let people know when they respond. But the easiest way of helping would be to either use the bins or take the rubbish home.

"I know that the bins were collected this morning after the resident had cleared the park. Which is a great effort, and for One Trafford to get out, albeit after the park opened, does show commitment to get to the bins when full."

Trafford Council have been approached for comment.