A SALE dad of four is planning a tribute to celebrate the life of his wife by holding a party for 500 charitable volunteers at the Gorton Monastery.

John Whalley, aged 58, wants to remember his wife, Caroline, who lost her battle with breast cancer in January.

Before her illness, Mrs Whalley had worked as a psychotherapist and a counsellor.

Mr Whalley, an antiques dealer, said: “Caroline gave unconditional love and support to people in their hour of need helping across many tragic situations.

“She believed that everyone deserved to be loved and brought up our four sons with all of those ideas.”

Mr Whalley said he also had an admiration for volunteers working in charity shops, where he spent some of his lunch times buying and valuing antiques and collectables.

“It was there that I saw the very best of volunteers who spent their life sorting cleaning and presenting goods to everyone’s benefit and they always showed unconditional love.”

Mr Whalley intends to use the event, which is expected to include a meal, drink and entertainment to say thank you on behalf of his wife and himself.

He added: “The monastery was the last place where my wife and I danced and this gift to all of them is my way of celebrating the very best in all of us.”

Contact Mr Whalley about the event on May 12 on 07720 613 097.