POLLING stations are open for voters to cast their ballot in the local elections — putting Theresa May to her biggest electoral test since she lost her government majority last year.

Most councils including Trafford are counting votes overnight but others will declare results during the day on Friday.

Polls close at 10pm and the first results could begin to arrive at around midnight and are expected to be in full flow by 2am.

You can follow the results as they come in on our live blog tonight.

Here are the candidates standing:

Altrincham Constantine Philip Biller, Conservative; Geraldine Philomena Coggins, Green; Dan Jerrome, Green; David Harold Martin, Lib Dem; Julian David Newgrosh, Lib Dem; Stephane Savary, Labour; Angela Kay Stone, Conservative; Barry Gerard Winstanley, Labour.

Ashton on Mersey Kevin Grime, UKIP; Ben Hartley, Labour; John Terence Lamb, Conservative; Stephen Lee Power, Lib- Dem; Caroline Robertson-Brown, Green.

Bowdon Karen Myra Barclay, Conservative; Jim Cook, UKIP; Waseem Hassan, Labour; Nigel Robert Hennerley, Green; Ludo Tolhurst-Cleaver, Lib Dem.

Broadheath Mike Bailey Sanderson, UKIP; Kate Burke, Conservative; Stephen John Farndon, Independent; Daniel Gresty, Green Party; Christopher Paul Marritt, Lib-Dem; Amy Marie Whyte Labour; Brooklands Mike Jefferson, Conservative; Mandy King, Green; Steven Gregory Longden, Labour; Meenakshi Minnis, Lib-Dem; Tony Nayler, UKIP.

Bucklow St Martins Rodrigo Capucho Paulo, Green; Norine Dorothy Napier, UKIP; Adele Louise New, Labour; Geoffrey Turner, Conservative; Simon Andrew Wright, Lib Dem.

Clifford Pauline Anne Cliff, Lib Dem; Alex Finney, Conservative; Jess Mayo, Green; Sophie Rachel Taylor, Labour.

Davyhulme East Mike Cornes, Conservative; Jayne Elizabeth Dillon, Labour; Gary Anthony Regan, UKIP; Susan Sutherland, Lib-Dem; Steven Roy Tennant-Smythe, Green.

Davyhulme West David Joseph Kierman, Lib-Dem; Rob Raikes, Green; Paul Regan; UKIP; Christine Turner, Conservative; Graham Whitham, Labour.

Flixton Andrew Beaumont, UKIP; Christine Bridget Theresa McLaughlin, Green; Norman Ian Sutherland, Lib Dem; Simon Garfield Thomas, Labour; Viv Ward, Conservative.

Gorse Hill David Acton, Labour Party; Dawn Lee Carberry-Power, Lib-Dem; Lijo John, Conservative; MARTIN Seamus Martin, UKIP; Joe Ryan, Green.

Hale Barnes Akilah Akinola, Labour; Maggie Boysen, Lib Dem; Dylan Butt, Conservative; Deborah Jean Leftwich, Green, Sandra Taylor, Independent.

Hale Central Jill Margaret Axford, Labour; Will Frass, Lib-Dem; Wayne Joseph Harrison, Liberal; Stephen Edward Leicester, Green; Alan Robert Mitchell, Conservative.

Longford Cathy Conchie, Conservative; Anna Corrina Fryer, Lib-Dem; David Paul Jarman, Labour; Pauline Brenda Royle, UKIP; Margaret Emily Westbrook, Green.

Priory George Robson Barker, Conservative; Jane Everall Baugh, Labour; Paul Christopher Greer, Green; Michael Andrew MacDonald, Lib-Dem.

Sale Moor Czarina Dawn Kirk, Lib-Dem; Jane Frances Leicester, Green; Darren Christopher Meacher, Conservative; Elizabeth Alice Louise Patel, Labour.

St Mary’s Louise Claire Bird, Lib-Dem; Rob Chilton, Conservative; Mal Mohibullah Choudhury, Labour; Nicholas Jonathan Robertson-Brown, Green.

Stretford Simon Edward Lepori, Lib-Dem; Liz O’Neill, Green; Ian Royle, UKIP; Jane Winifred Slater, Labour; Shengke Zhi, Conservative.

Timperley Nathan Morris France Evans, Conservative; Julia Elizabeth Garlick, Labour; William Jones, Lib- Dems; Jadwiga Teresa Leigh, Green; Neil Anthony Taylor, Liberal Party.

Urmston Kirsty Cullen, Lib-Dems; Krissy Douglas, UKIP; Michelle Ann McGrath, Conservative; Kevin Alan Procter, Labour; Timothy John Woodward, Green.

Village Thomas John Patrick Carey, Conservative; Tony Fishwick, Lib-Dems; Tony O’Brien, Labour; Angela Marie O’Neill, UKIP; Matthew John Westbrook, Green.