OVER the years, I have performed at some amazing events, from singing my Rat Pack repertoire at the Flamingo and Golden Nugget Casinos in Las Vegas, to star-studded charity balls.

I feel very blessed to be in a position to be able to do what I love doing, be at the Hilton Hotel or at my old primary school.

I know and I am grateful how lucky I am to be able to perform where I do and meet all the wonderful people I meet in the process.

It’s a very difficult career path, being an entertainer, both in acting and singing.

There are thousands of actors and singers who all want the same jobs and all want to climb to the top.

It’s a dog-eat-dog industry. However, there are some lovely people in the business and for every one person who would stab you in the back, there are a hundred who offer assistance and support.

I’m very lucky in that I have an extremely loyal and supportive wife to assist me in my career.

My Val has guided my singing career from the very beginning and turned me into a true professional artiste.

I have an acting agent who makes sure I’m seen by the right people, and slowly but surely the bigger roles are coming!

But for me personally, what makes my journey so much easier is that as I struggle to progress I can also do some good.

Through the years, Val and I have staged our own charity concerts and I’ve also supported other charity events and through doing so we have raised more than £250,000 for various charities.

The disappointment of not getting a particular acting role is always softened by the pride of knowing I have raised a few thousand pounds for a very worthy cause.

I was honoured in 2014 to be awarded by Trafford Council, in its 40th year celebration, as one of the ‘40 Faces of Trafford’.

I still keep my promise that I will continue to support and represent Trafford to the very best of my abilities as I strive to progress in my career.

Thank you all so much for your support.

Please join me next week for my next celebrity interview, who is a very familiar face on our TV screens!