A REPORT in last week’s Messenger on the closure of two care homes in Urmston and Flixton has brought a shocked reaction from readers on social media.

As we reported, dozens of elderly residents, some with dementia will be forced out of Shawe Lodge Nursing Home in Barton Road, Urmston, and Shawe House Care Home in Pennybridge Lane, Flixton, later this month

Operator Ampersand Care Ltd said its decision to close the premises was based on being unable to increase the fees for residents and uncertainty that it would be able to meet the care needs of residents in the future.

Ampersand Care director Umi Barwell told the Messenger: “We are heartbroken that we have had to take this incredibly difficult decision.

“Our priority is always to provide the best care for residents, and we are working closely with every family to find alternative places that are right for each resident.

“The distressing fact is that we are simply not able to provide the levels of care they rightly expect under the current funding arrangement.”

She said that fees being paid by Trafford Council over recent years were failing to meet its operating costs.

On social media, one worried relative said: “My dad is in Shawe Lodge! Literally 5 mins from family.

“Nightmare situation on moving him again with dementia. The land has probably been bought by developers!

“The home is not great, but there is little choice in Trafford. He may be moving to a home 25 minutes away.”

Another said: “Most of these people have worked and built this country one way or another. Treating them in this way is utterly disgraceful."

A family member said: We have known for a few days now. It was a very sudden decision. Very worrying and stressful. She is of course oblivious to all thank God.”

Another remarked: “Care in the community my backside. They are taking everything away from the elderly even a place to call home.”

One reader said: “The thing is we're paying more council tax for social care, I don't mind doing that but to raise council tax then close care homes down is a disgrace shame on you Trafford Council."

Another added: “For the last few months we have viewed lots and lots of dementia nursing homes. Due to the Trafford funding there were only two that were covered fully by the funding. Some look amazing but don’t offer any better care they are just pleasing to the eye. We decided on one in Urmston and are very happy with it, it feels like the right place and the staff are lovely.”