ARDENT Brexiteer Sir Graham Brady has been quizzed by pupils at St Ambrose College about his views on leaving Europe and on housing shortages.

The Altrincham and Sale West MP, who is chairman of the 1922 Committee, argued solutions to the younger generations' concerns were inextricable linked.

Labour supporter Joseph Murphy, aged 17, told Sir Graham: “The younger generation feels the older generation has benefited from our European membership, but withdrawn now only because they are afraid of multiculturalism, but the younger generation embraces multiculturalism and sees it as a boost to modern life.”

In response, Sir Graham, said: “The European Union is not about European culture. It's a supranational political structure which has usurped national decision making. We can still make our decisions closer to home while continuing to embrace European culture.”

Tory supporter Matthew Leigh, aged 17, from Urmston, said: “I think we need to relax planning legislation and make it easier to build on inner city brown field sites.”

In answer, Sir Graham said:“The Government is very much focused on building more houses and numbers are higher now than they have been for many years, including social housing.

"The cost of housing is the result of supply and demand: we need increase the supply of houses but we also need to be aware of the things that are driving demand. This is one of the reasons for controlling the speed of immigration."

He added: “If you allow net migration of 300,000 each year, then you need to build a new town of that size each and every year just to meet that area of demand.

"The Government is very much focused on making sure that young people can see their way to owning their own home and is building more housing now than under the previous Labour Government.”

Politics teacher David Lindsay said: “Whether our students agree with Sir Graham or not, they are always impressed by the detail in his argument and the passion he displays for local and national issues.

"Despite his hectic political life, he is always ready to challenge and be challenged by the next generation.”