ALTRINCHAM Rotary Club has been helping a trust keep homeless people on the streets of Manchester warm during the cold weather.

Rotarian Ken Garrity said: “We have had some really cold weather recently and two brothers from the Forget Me Not Trust, Ezra and Nathan McGowan, worked tirelessly helping people on Manchester streets every evening with food, hot tea/coffee and warm clothes and sleeping bags.

“The clothes and sleeping bags had been collected by Altrincham Rotary Club and ladies Inner Wheel Club over several months while other donations of warm clothes were also received from the public.”

The Forget Me Not Trust was set up more than five years ago to help those in need and with their van Ezra and Nathan are seen each evening in Manchester all year round.

The trust was founded by the brothers’ who came across the homeless and people less well off and decided to do something about it.

They saved their own money and received a “charity” certificate to enable them to collect and deliver food and clothes. They have also set up a food bank locally in Northenden.

Ezra said: “Seeing these people in a sad situation gave me the idea to help. We do this on a voluntary basis and we are grateful to receive help from people like Altrincham Rotary Club”.

Mr Garrity added: “During this past 12 months we have helped the trust by arranging food collections and also warm clothes and sleeping bags generously donated by thoughtful people.”

“Ezra and Nathan are doing a tremendous job to help those less fortunate in the Manchester area."