A CAT used up one of one of its nine lives after becoming wedged between two walls in Stretford.

Emergency services were called out to attempt a life-and-death rescue of the five-year old tomcat Georgie, who had become stuck between a house wall and a garage last week.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue were called to assist.

The intrepid moggy was unable to move and at the time was bleeding from the mouth after he had broken a tooth.

The RSPCA was called to help extricate Georgie from his almost certain death trap.

RSPCA inspectors Emma Dingley and Natalie Avery attended to try and rescue the distressed cat but were forced to call on the help of the emergency services.

Emma said: “Georgie was well and truly wedged in the gap and we had no idea how he got himself into that mess.

“He had been there for at least a few hours before we were called, so he wasn’t very happy moggy.

“I requested help from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue team who kindly came and knocked the wall down, so we were able to get the cat out and they rebuilt the wall afterwards.”

Emma added: “Georgie was then taken to the RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for treatment where he was treated for a broken tooth.

“At the time, he was being looked after by his owner’s friend and was then returned to a relieved owner.”