I am Inspector Jon Evans and I have just returned to Trafford after a few years away from the district.

My area of responsibility is Sale, Sale Moore and Brooklands.

I have worked for Greater Manchester Police since 1991 and have seen great changes over the past 27 years, both within the service and in society as a whole.

I am particularly proud of how GMP as an organisation has developed and risen to the challenge of protecting some of the most vulnerable people in our communities while still maintaining the drive against crime and ASB.

During my service, I have worked and lived in Trafford and know what a fantastic place it is to live, work and to visit.

Although inevitably there are occasional issues, the district is still one of the safest in all of Greater Manchester.

Having said that, at the start of 2018 there was a spike in youth in youth robberies and assaults. This was reported via the press and social media.

Despite our limited resources, we have been working hard to clamp down on these deeply unpleasant incidents.

Where offenders have been identified they have been arrested and their houses searched, injunctions have been obtained from court to curb their behaviour.

Where we believe that there are young people starting to slide toward criminal activity, we have used Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC). Breaching these contracts leads to the imposition of court orders.

Such enforcement has greatly reduced these incidents.

One of the greatest aspects of UK policing is that it is done for and by the consent of the public.

As such, we will work in partnership with everyone in our communities in a two-way relationship.

Everyone has the right to walk the streets without fear of being the victim of a crime, particularly the young or vulnerable.

If you have any information concerning criminality or links to ASB and vulnerability please contact us and let us know.