SOME residents are still putting food into their general waste bins, a survey across Trafford has found.

The latest bin composition analysis report by One Trafford revealed that up to 23 per cent of waste found in the grey general waste bins is food waste that could have been recycled using the green bins.

In an effort to remind residents that the green bin is specifically set aside for food and other green waste, collectors will be putting stickers and tags on their grey bins with information to encourage them to recycle.

Cooked, raw and rotting food can go into the green bin, minus packaging, helps to save money and protect services within the council.

One Trafford, which operates in partnership with Trafford Council and Amey, collects food waste weekly.

Compost made from Trafford’s food waste is used as a soil improver in horticulture and agriculture, and can be bought for home gardening as Revive Compost from Recycle for Greater Manchester at recycling centres.