RESIDENTS have hit out at claims that road repairs are getting better across the borough.

Drivers in Stretford are being warned about a series of potholes and a crumbling of the A56 close to the roundabout.

Resident Hazel Gibb took to Facebook to warn drivers and cyclists of the dangers of running into the hole which has opened up on the main road.

She said: “Avoid this pothole at the roundabout by Stretford flats if you are coming from Manchester and instead go around the roundabout towards Urmston. Broken spring and that’s the second one!”

The Messenger recently reported that Trafford Council planns to spend £2.1 million on pothole repairs.

But one resident is planning to sue the authority for more than £800 in damage to his vehicle.

Ron Williams, 75, of Sale Moor, hit a pothole in Marsland Road which he alleges destroyed his shock absorbers.

He complained to the council which dismissed his subsequent claim for compensation.

In response to Mr Williams claim, a spokesman for One Trafford Partnership, which is charged with taking care of the roads, told the Messenger: “We are unable to comment on the individual nature of claims made against the council until all investigations are completed.

“We can confirm that the stretch of road identified in the complainant’s photograph has been inspected and does not meet the criteria for intervention.”

Comments which followed Mrs Gibb's warning included one from a woman who said there was another large pothole close to the one in Stretford.

Another responded: “They've both been there for over a year now I reckon.

And adding: “I now go down Chester Road just to avoid it as you pretty much can't miss it.”

Another said: “Claim off the council they should sort them, we pay enough car tax.”

One driver claimed: “I snapped my driveshaft drop link and track rod end just before Xmas in that very spot. I was only doing 10mph if that.”

Another offers a piece of advice to motorists saying: “Claim the costs of repairs from the council. Get photos, road names, longitude and latitude details.

“Stick to your guns and re-visit the site and photo it in the same/ worse condition to show they aren't doing anything. I did this with Manchester Council and they paid out....”

With regard to Mrs Gibbs' warning, a One Trafford Partnership spokesman said. “We constantly monitor the condition of Trafford’s roads and aim to address potholes that meet our criteria for requiring repair quickly and efficiently.

"We are aware of the road defects along a stretch of A56 near Stretford town centre and have scheduled a repair to be carried out in the next seven days.

"Due to the location of the potholes, the works carried out will be a temporary repair to keep traffic disruption along the A56 to a minimum whilst a permanent solution is identified."

The spokesman added: “Over the next three years, an extra £14.4 million is being invested into significantly upgrading roads across the borough. A further £2 million is currently being invested before the end of March.

“We are committed to ensuring our highways are in the best condition for the benefit of everyone and are proud to currently sit in the top 15 per cent for road condition within the UK.

"Residents can report potholes online at Potholes considered to be an immediate hazard to public safety, can be reported immediately on 03330 035865 and we will arrange for a highway inspector to attend as a matter of emergency.”

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