TELLING tales is becoming all the rage!

Sale story telling club Success Stories is running a weekly course to help people improve their storytelling techniques.

Starting on Tuesday, March 13, from 9.30am to noon, Telling Personal Tales will be held in a member’s home and is aimed at people with some experience of either public speaking or storytelling.

It will cover three or four sessions on dates to suit participants.

Participants will receive advice on telling a good story and also how to avoid pitfalls when a true story involves real events, places and, above all, people.

If you have to make a speech as a best man or make a work presentation, storytelling techniques will help a lot.

The next meeting of the Success Stories Club will take place on Monday, March 12, at the Moorfield Pub, Marsland Road, Sale at 7.30.

It will mark International Women’s Day when some of the North West’s best storytellers will tell tales about wise, funny and courageous women from around the world.

Both storytellers and listeners are welcome.

For information about both events, email Sharon Richards at or call 07854 227 805.