A SCHOOL has held a series of events to further safeguard pupils against online predators.

The events were held at Withington Girls’ School to mark international Safer Internet Day 2018, which culminated in a presentation for parents on online safety.

Withington had already been working closely with Digital Awareness UK and Childnet to enable its school community to better understand the implications of the worldwide web.

In support of the global safer internet initiative, the school ran a two-days of talks for girls, parents, staff and neighbouring primary schools.

Withington deputy headteacher Jen Baylis said: “Like many schools, we have taught and practised e-safety for a number of years here at Withington but in 2017, we felt the time was right to develop this further and introduce a digital wellbeing strategy that would ensure outstanding support for pupils and staff in our digital age.”

Research across the year groups by sixth formers identified specific concerns — and pupil workshops, led by a specially trained team of Year 13 and Year Six e-peer supporters, are now held regularly throughout the year.

Ms Baylis added: “We understand how difficult it can be to ensure children are using the internet safely, especially when they are often using the internet outside of the home.

“From the age of five, most young people start experimenting with social media usage — whether it’s browsing YouTube videos, playing online games or sharing selfies — and much of it can feel alien to parents.”