A GROUP of crowdfunders are desperately appealing for help in their bid to raise £7000 to start Cycling Without Age in Trafford.

The scheme was founded in Copenhagen in 2012, with the aim to bring generations closer together through sharing experiences by bike.

Local volunteers can visit the elderly in the community on a 'trishaw' and offer residents an opportunity to be a passenger.

The project in Trafford was launched by Haylea Rudge. She said: "I first heard about Cycling Without Age while watching Pride of Britain Awards, this inspired me to pair my love of volunteering and cycling.

"Since November 2017, I have worked with another affiliated member, Kate Elliott, to recruit volunteer colleagues to help us spread the word.  We are raising funds to buy a trishaw which will be used to take elderly local residents and other isolated people out in our local community.

"We cycle slowly, we share our stories and we build relationships across generations. Bringing all this together helps to make society as a whole better and more resilient."

The launch of Cycling Without Age is all dependant on raising £7000 - the group have currently raised over £1,400 but with only 10 days left of the campaign are desperate for donations.

Michelle Peters, the social media volunteer said: "We have all felt lonely at some time in our lives. It can be a terrible, debilitating emotion. For most of us, it is a temporary feeling but this is not everyone’s experience. A consistent proportion of older people experience chronic loneliness.

"Kate Elliott, Haylea Rudge and the team at Cycling Without Age Trafford want to decrease loneliness for the elderly and other isolated members of our community by taking them out on tri-shaw rides.They need your help to raise money for their first specialized tri-shaw."

To support the team visit their page: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/cycling-without-age-trafford/?