A BOWDON woman has written a true and poignant book about forced labour during World War Two in Auschwitz.

Dorli Nauta, 68, is the author of ‘From A to A and Back Again’ - a book based on memories her father, Wim Nauta told her before he passed in 2002.

Ever since the death of her father 16-years-ago, Dorli has wanted to write the tales he had had told so she could pass them on to the rest of the family.

Since finishing the book, she has had a huge amount of interest and requests to do talks about his story.

Dorli, originally from Amsterdam explained: " I am from a Dutch family; The Netherlands were occupied during the Second World War and in June 1943 all the young men between the ages of 18 to 20 were called up to work in Germany.

"The first time I found out that my father had been in Auschwitz was in 2001, when he told me that he was applying to the German Forced Labour Compensation Programme. I was shocked and surprised that he had been there, and I asked him to write his memoirs of that time for me, which he did with the help of my mother because his eyesight was poor.

"He completed the task in 2002 and gave the memoirs to me at Easter of that year. He also gave me a photo album and documents, such as his ID card from I.G.Farben in Auschwitz, and a small diary.

"My father died in June 2002 and sometime after his death my mother found a bundle of letters, written during that time, mainly from Amsterdam, where his family still was, to Auschwitz and correspondence from Berlin, where some of his friends were.

"These are the components that make up the book - I wrote it for my family so that they know where they’ve come from."

The book was officially launched on February 3, where guests enjoyed listening to extracts from the book and learning more about its background.

The book can be ordered via Dorli at AtoAandbackagain@gmail.com