PATROLS are taking place across Old Trafford to identify areas blighted by fly tipping.

Greater Manchester Police is stepping up enforcement across the borough to keep the area clean.

Police are also calling on businesses to help by cleaning graffiti from their premises to assist.

Representatives from Stretford policing team, Trafford Council and One Trafford a partnership between Trafford Council and infrastructure support service Amey - met to discuss the issues yesterday (February 2).

GMP Stretford said on Twitter: "We have been on foot patrol with @OneTrafford and @TraffordCouncil identifying areas in Old Trafford that need cleaning up.

"Areas blighted with litter will be cleaned up and graffiti painted over.

"Enforcement is being stepped up including tackling people dropping cigarettes on the floor.

"Businesses are also being encouraged to clean graffiti off their premises and made aware of their responsibility to keep the area looking clean.

"Trafford Council is putting time and resources into the area to reduce litter and fly tipping and we will be assisting."