AFTER the breakdown of his band, Death to the Strange, an Old Trafford musician has taken to the studio to launch his solo career.

Daniel Clarke, 32, started music when he was just 12-years-old. He started as one of the early members of a band called The Moods and later joined Death to the Strange, who finished last year.

Daniel said: "Me and a pal started the band and it was goring really well - we had a good name for ourselves. We had a few personal issues within the band - we tried to carry on as normal but it was never the same. We had a lot of false promises and some of the members started to lose interest."

Now, his passion for music has took a turn and Daniel has started to make his own solo material and launch his first single.

He said: "It took me about six months to get some stuff together and get going on my own - for a long time I'd been in an out of the studio and nothing sounded good. I've been working with my brother, Scott who recorded, mixed and mastered the single. I have also had my two friends Paul Ewell on bass and Tom Holden on guitar.

"We all worked together and suddenly it just sounded good, we all loved it and I decided to release it.

"I'm a singer, I play the guitar and on the track I also play the drums - I'll play anything if i get the chance though."

Daniel also runs open mic nights on Thursday's at the White Lion in Castlefield with the hope in the future to be able to work with other musicians and produce his own headline gigs.

He said: "I really want to help other musicians to get on the stage and build confidence - they're all very talented and I have a lot of respect for them."

The single, Trampin' Stampin' will be out on February 9. The single will be available on the German Shepard Bandcamp page, Amazon, Itunes and Spotify.