PRINCESS Anne was the guest of volunteers, staff and partner agencies of ROC Restore, a restorative justice project of national charity, Redeeming our Communities.

The Princess Royal unveiled a plaque at its headquarters, the Fuse Community Centre in Partington, on Wednesday, to mark five years since the project started.

ROC Restore has 100 volunteers who bring together those who commit low-level crime with their victims across Greater Manchester and solve neighbourhood disputes.

The Volunteer Facilitators were presented with certificates and thanks for their work by the Princess.

The Restorative Justice Council, of which Princess Anne is a Patron, provides a national voice for expanding the scheme.

Chris Straker, chief executive of the National Justice Council, said:

“We were delighted to share with Her Royal Highness, some of the excellent work being delivered across England and Wales which helps victims of crime to move on and recover.”

Among the guests were the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Warren Smith, the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester, Gerry Yeung, the Mayor and Mayoress of Trafford, Councillor and Mrs Jonathan Coupe and five other Mayors.

Partington poet, Fred Varden read out a specially commissioned poem entitled Restoration.

The six stanzas contained a reprise “Restoration. Reparation, Agreement, Peace” which summed up the aims of restorative justice.

Fred presented the Princess with a copy. He said: “She thanked me for it and smiled.

“I always feel a little nervous before performing, but never when I actually read a poem. I was able to glance at the Princess during it as she was just a few feet away. There were another 150 intent listeners!”

Princess Anne was welcomed by Debra Green, the executive director of ROC.

Debra, who received an OBE in 2012 for services to the community, said: “Our scheme has been a great success and will now go to other cities.”