A COUPLE who held their wedding reception at McDonald's 20 years ago and made it to the front page of the Messenger have returned to reminisce of their special day.

Janet, and Chris Fitzsimmons from Flixton took over 30 guests to McDonald's on Trafford Retail Park for their wedding reception on January 17, 1998.

It was the second marriage for the couple who have four children between them, and since getting married 20 years ago have had seven grandchildren with another one due any day.

Janet, 57 said: "It was my husband who came up with the idea to go to McDonald's. It was just something different and something we would always remember.

"I work at Wellacre now as the school cook and some of the pupils have told me that their parents remember me from the front page of the Messenger 20 years ago."

The pair went back to McDonald's for a quiet celebration with just the two of them.

Janet said: "A lot of our friends have split up or passed away and our family are very busy at the moment. My daughter, who was 19 at the time, is 40 in July and is expecting a baby any time, so we decided to go back on our own.

"It was nice to sit there and reminisce about the day - it's all completely different to how it was. We told one of the young girls who worked there of our story and she loved it - no-one believes us at first."

Janet and Chris will celebrate with their family this weekend.

The couple are also planning a luxury holiday at the end of year to celebrate their anniversary and Chris' 60th birthday.