THE original Brooklands Station ticket office — with its uneven floor and draughty steps — has been transformed into an American themed coffee house/bar.

US Four was started by four siblings, Aaron Nicholas, 29, Lisa O’Connor, 27, Ryan Nicholas, 25 and Maria Nicholas, 23.

Maria said: “We live locally so I was thrilled when I first spotted the for rent sign,

"We have had a lot of family support with our project.

“As kids, we went to America regularly on holiday, and, for six years, we collected memorabilia.”

The memorabilia is everywhere in their cosy little establishment.

There are pictures of Marilyn Monroe, along with Jack Daniels and Coca Cola adverts and, in pride of place, a Juke Box, imported from the States, which plays fifties’ favourites.

A mock cinema, designed and installed by Maria’s brother-in-law, Philip O’Connor, who undertook the building work which took three years, illustrates Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean movies.

Philip replaced the floor, built a new roof and installed a toilet.

Because it is a Grade II listed building, the family had to keep the original windows and door.

Maria said: “We had to match the coving round the ceiling which makes it feel bigger.

“We sell organic, Fair Trade coffee, snacks, and are licensed to sell beer and wine.”

The siblings share the cleaning, serving, stock checks and managing staff.

“We have some good staff,” said Maria.

“I love the positive feedback we have received since we opened on December 10.

“We haven’t had one bad comment.”