A 12-year-old aspiring engineer has won a Secondary Leaders prize in a competition with Primary Engineer.

Livia Luckson from Loreto Grammar got selected out of 13,000 participants in the UK after she entered a competition through the STEM club at school.

The competition asked pupils to design something according to the question "if you were an engineer, what would you do?"

Livia drew her design of a very unique 'medical micro-chip'.

She said: "It's a watch that stores all your medical data such as x-rays and hospital visits - it can only be accessed by identity recognition, a password and fingerprint - so it's really secure.

"My mum works in a hospital and I have been to in hospital to have an operation when I had tonsillitis - I saw the doctors looking at all my data on the computer and it always took ages - there was also a lot of different doctors involved and each time it took them so long to find my data and look through, so this watch would speed things up.

"My dad is also an engineer and he helped me with ideas for my invention."

Nominations were lowered to the hundreds and Livia got through to the final round where she got called to go to a prestigious award ceremony in Queen Elizabeth's Hall in Oldham. She was joined by other primary and secondary Greater Manchester school pupils and came first place - even against 18-year-olds.

Elaine Manton, STEM Coordinator at Loreto Grammar School runs a number of STEM Clubs to promote careers in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to girls and after a visit from engineers, Livia decided she wanted to join.

She said: "I think engineering is really cool- you get to make your own ideas and show them to the world and other people can use my ideas and make an impact to the world.

"The awards ceremony was really fun, and it is the first time I have been to anything like this and I won a glass trophy."

"I also got Fantastic Friday from my headteacher, Mrs Beever. Fantastic Friday is a treat for outstanding achievement where you show your work to the headteacher. She was very pleased with my amazing award as I was the first winner for Loreto as they have never had one for primary engineer before - I made Loreto a very proud school."

Mrs Manton said: "I was absolutely delighted to watch Livia pick up her Secondary Leaders prize. I would again like to take this opportunity to congratulate Livia Luckson who is now in Year eight for submitting her winning entry, it is a fabulous achievement and she has gone through several rounds of judging with a high level of competition."

Several other pupils at the school were shortlisted for the award and had their ideas put on the display at The Public Exhibitions, which were held following the Award ceremony at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham.

The pupils were, Amelia Gadja, Year 12; Neha George, Year 8 and Miriam Oronsaye, Year 8