A MEDAL has been found dating back to the 1903 - 04, Cheshire Amateur Cup.

The medal belongs to an Altrincham FC player, Cockram and was the first ever trophy won by the club.

It was found by David Copland in North Yorkshire. As a hobby David searches for old valuables such as medals and trophies and tries to get them back to a grateful owner.

The 62-year-old has listed the medal on ebay for £274.99. He said: "The medal is really rare, there were only 11 given out at the time and most medals get scrapped and melted or lost.

"I have had a few people interested in the medal and watching it on ebay, but I want to make sure it goes back to the right person, someone who will really appreciate and value it."

Altrincham FC won the cup after a match against Congleton where they won 4-1.

Altrincham FC was previously known as Broadheath FC and it is thought that Cockram took part in the team's first competitive game under their new name - a Manchester League game at Hyde on September 5,1903 where Altrincham won 2-0.

The player also competed in the Cheshire Senior Cup, home quarter-final, against Sale Holmfield where they won 1-0, and the semi-final at Nantwich which they lost 0-3.

The medal can be found on ebay: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/9ct-Gold-Football-Medal-Cheshire-Amateur-Cup-1904-1st-Trophy-Altrincham-FC