TRAVELLERS have been reported as having moved on to the football fields at Crossford Bridge in Sale.

Several caravans were sighted in the field on August 9.

On social media, several residents expressed concern about how the travellers managed to get on to the playing fields which is usually locked up, with some suggesting locks had been damaged.

The playing fields are home to several sports activities. Sale United Football Club wrote on its Facebook page on August 9:

“Around 7:30 this evening travellers have made their way onto our football fields at Crossford bridge. Authorities have been notified, please await further information....this may impact on our abilities to run anything at Crossford Bridge in the upcoming days.....please share this with everyone!”

They later commented that their facilities had been threatened and damage had already taken place.

One woman said: “This is a local facility for children that have finite resources, if the pitch is damaged, children could injure them selves running on it.

"This facility has a large car park, their choice of parking on the playing pitch not on the car park implies to me that they are inconsiderate of the local community and the purpose of the facility.”

One woman hit back at residents to defend the travellers. She said: “I haven't met them but all humans deserve equal treatment and rights. It just doesn't feel that they are treated equally.”

A Trafford Council spokesperson said: “Trafford Council and Greater Manchester Police have visited the site and started the legal process to remove the travellers at Crossford Bridge as quickly as possible.”