I have read the letter from Andy Worthington the chairman of Trafford Leisure CIC with interest.

Whilst any investment in leisure in Trafford is welcome let’s at least be honest about what is happening here.

Trafford Leisure Trust who previously ran our leisure centres on behalf of Trafford Council determined they could not continue to do so in the face of the cuts the Tory led council continually were making year on year to support them.

Trafford Council who had always been responsible for the upkeep of our leisure facilities infrastructure has continually failed to invest money in their upkeep and being asked to take on this aspect of the overall business led to Trafford Leisure Trust walking away.

The investment therefore is all about bringing the infrastructure up to date, so Trafford Leisure CIC can properly run independently of the council, with the promise of a new leisure centre for Altrincham, updates to other leisure facilities and inevitable rationalisation elsewhere, hence the uncertainty over the future of George H Carnall Leisure Centre a much used and loved facility by residents of Davyhulme.

The key question is what is in these plans for those that use the facilities at George H Carnall?

The perception is that Altrincham and other areas profit again whilst this area loses out and unless Mr Worthington and the leader of the council can convince the community otherwise, I along with others will fight to ensure the voices of those affected by these proposed changes are properly heard.

Cllr Mike Freeman

Sale Moor