A PLAN has been submitted to reorganise a car park opposite the Trafford Centre to take an additional 305 vehicles.

The application before Trafford planners would see land to the rear of Barton Square, off Phoenix Way, reconfigured and extended to increase capacity raised from 597 space to 902.

The application was made by Deloitte, on behalf of the owner of the site Barton Square Ltd.

The proposed works will also retain for spaces for 52 cycles and 21 motorcycles.

A transport report, which was included with the application, states the new plan would integrate with the pedestrian provision of the existing car park and would also provide additional pedestrian routes and landscaping.

The report notes that a new access road currently under construction, to the west of Barton Square, as part of the Trafford Park Metrolink works, would provide an additional access route from Barton Dock Road to Barton Square and Event City.

It was acknowledged at the pre-application meeting that the works for this application would be occurring alongside the works for Metrolink’s Trafford Park line extension with both projects working close to Barton Dock Road and the new access.

The working areas of the two projects could potentially overlap, subject to their respective construction phasing. This could potentially affect the timescale for completing this application’s works in that area, including

when some of the parking could become operational.

It was, however, agreed with Trafford Council that a phased delivery of parking spaces would be acceptable, if necessary, in order to facilitate the works required for Metrolink.