KATE Green has retained the Stretford and Urmston seat – with an increased majority.

Ms Green won 33,519 of votes, and her victory was greeted with loud cheers at Emirates Old Trafford.

In her acceptance speech, she paid tribute to everyone who voted, following the recent terrorist atrocities.

She said: “The 70 per cent of electors who voted stood up for democracy in the face of these terrorist attacks and I am proud of you.”

She added:” Tonight we saw a remarkable and dramatic set of results right across the country.

“We are seeing people across the land calling for change.”

She continued that she ‘couldn’t be prouder’ to represent the people of Stretford and Urmston.

The full result: Kate Green (Labour) 33,519, Lisa Cooke (Con) 13,814, Anna Fryer (Lib Dem) 1,001, Andrew Beaumont (UKIP) 1,094, Rose Donan Christian Peoples Alliance 122, Michael Ingleson (Green) 641.