A QUICK-thinking runner stepped in to save a cyclist’s life when he suffered a cardiac arrest in Dunham yesterday.

Jordan Tyms was running through the country lanes in Dunham, near to Broadheath, on Wednesday October 26 when a man who was cycling towards him had a cardiac arrest, fell off his bike and hit his head.

NWAS paramedic Gary Woltsencroft found Jordan doing CPR when he arrived at the scene. Gary knew Jordan after meeting through a Heartstart course in Wythenshawe.

“Whilst others had stepped away and refused to help, Jordan stepped up and performed chest compressions until our arrival,” said Gary.

“After half an hour of ALS involving 4 returns of spontaneous circulations, four shocks, adrenaline, atropine and fluids, the patient was stable enough to transport to hospital.

“Ultimately, he ended up in the catheter labs having his coronary arteries unblocked.

“Jordan is being very humble and playing down his extremely important part in this chain of survival. The least he deserves is a pat on the back and for the likes of yourselves to know and to be able to acknowledge his efforts.”

Jordan said he was just in the right place at the right time.

“At first I was worried that he may have a neck injury as his head was bleeding. He struck the road with a thud. It was then clear that he had lost consciousness and stopped breathing so we untangled him from his bike and began compressions, until the cavalry arrived,” said Jordan.

“One lady who had stopped to try and help got aggressive with me after telling her that the telephone operator had suggested that we do CPR. When I said “I’m trained to do it, let’s untangle him from the bike and lay him flat”, one guy said let me take a photo in case you get sued, whilst several others assumed he was dead and left. I was surprised by the lack of information and education and fear that people have.”

He added: “I was impressed with NWAS, four paramedics and a first responder were on site, they really did their best for the guy, I’m just glad we did what we could for him.”

Yesterday, police appealed to find the family of an elderly man who was found unconscious in Black Moss Road, Dunham Massey.

The man, who had no ID, was later identified and remains in hospital.

It is not yet established if it is the same man.