CONCERNED residents and businesses are resuming their fight against the erection of a discount food store in Sale Moor.

Plans to build the 1,140 sq. m store and two three-bedroom semi-detached houses seemed to be quashed last year after leader of the council Cllr Sean Anstee refused to sell the land to the developer.

The planning application incorporates Warrener Street Car Park, the site of the IMO car wash on Northenden Road and 26a Marsland Road.

Kirkland Developments has agreements with the owners of the other land making up the site, but not with Trafford Council with regards to Warrener Street Car Park.

Despite the leader’s refusal to sell the car park, Kirkland Developments pushed ahead with the application, stating it was contractually obliged to submit the plans.

New CGIs of the store have been submitted and the developer has made a number of changes to the original plans, including increasing free parking to two hours, relocating the entrance and highways improvements.

According to planning documents, only 21 per cent of residents surveyed do their main food shop in Sale Moor, demonstrating a ‘retail need’. The creation of 40 full time and part time jobs, a £300,000 ‘community infrastructure’ cash injection and ‘enhanced consumer choice’ are all listed as benefits.

Sale Moor Neighbourhood Forum, which was formed after residents and businesses came together to fight the plans, have now rejuvenated their campaign against the supermarket.

A spokesperson said: “Despite Trafford Council saying they won't sell the car park to the developer, this could easily change if planning consent is granted, as the value of the car park would rise considerably –making it a more attractive asset in raising council funds.

"It is therefore very important that members of the local community object to the proposal.

“Please can people address their objections to the Chief Planning Officer or drop it in to Top Tier Cakes in the village, in a sealed envelope, and Christine will deliver all letters to the council, which is obliged to reply to all letters.

"The developer has said in their application that there is local support for this development – we know this is not the case and therefore we urge the community to make their opinions known.”

Leader of Trafford Council Sean Anstee has been working with Sale Moor residents and businesses on deciding the future of the car park since rejecting the sale of the land late last year.

“When I took the decision last year to decline the sale of the land, the council at the same time approved the commencement of an options appraisal to consider with the community the future of the site,” he said.

“Regardless of the outcome of the present application, this is a published decision of the council and we are committed to working with the community to complete the appraisal.

“In the meantime, I would encourage residents and businesses who feel strongly about this present planning application to submit their objection to the planning department so that it can be considered.”

Cllr Anstee attended the most recent meeting of the Sale Moor Planning Group. Christine Lowe, owner of Top Tier cakes in the village, said the group was pleased to welcome the leader.

“It was an important opportunity for the group to be able to express our views and concerns about the proposed development and we thank Cllr Anstee for taking the time to listen,” she said.

Kirkland Developments declined to comment.