NEVER mind Wally, where's Hank?

That was the question on everyone's lips as we went in search of Sea Life Manchester's newest resident.

You would imagine it would be difficult to miss the Trafford Centre's Giant Pacific Octopus, which has three hearts, blue blood, eight arms, weighs up to 50 kilogrammes and can grow to five metres in length.

But having been wandering around his new tank moments before hordes of excited youngsters arrived at the Octopus Hideout, Hank retreated to a corner to observe the gathering of little faces pressed up against the glass.

Despite his shyness, the children had an interesting and informative chat with one of the guides, who explained how these highly intelligent creatures can instantly change their shape and colour to blend into their surroundings.

Hank was certainly doing a good job of mimicking the grey concrete pillar he was clinging on to as we peered in at him.

We could have spent hours finding out about Hank and his species, which have been known to solve puzzles and even take the lids of glass jars!

As well as learning about this elusive creature, the children enjoyed seeing some old favourites, including black tip reef sharks, rays and family favourite Ernie, the giant green sea turtle, who seemed to welcome them back as long-lost friends.

It is definitely worth a visit and will keep people of all ages entertained and mesmerised.

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