AMONG those watching the hand over of a cheque to Anna Chopping and Zoe Taylor of Two by Two, the community arts organisation, were mosaic artist ,Tracey Cartledge, and lollipop lady, Heather Morris.

The money will be used towards creating a mosaic to mark Heather’s 45 years of service as a lollipop lady near the shop.

The cheque for £690 was presented by Akash Patel who owns and runs the Nisa Local Shop on the corner of Park Road and Glebelands Road with his mum, Reshma and dad, Jayesh.

The donation was made from Making a Difference Locally, a charity fund set up by Nisa Local in which a percentage of the sale from its own brand products is set aside for worthy causes.

Akash, 21, said: “We see Heather every day. She is a lovely woman.

“When Anna informed us that Two by Two were aiming to raise money for the mosaic, we wanted to help.

“It took us five years to save it . We didn’t know who to give it to so we waited until something came along. It couldn’t go to a better cause.”

Anna said: “We are ridiculously excited and really happy to have got this money. Akash is absolutely lovely.

“We only have to find another £1,000 and work can begin.”

Tracey Cartledge, who will eventually create the mosaic, said she was looking forward to working on it.

“It is great so see such community spirit.”

Heather said: “Akash has been absolutely fantastic.”

Akash added: “The appeal came just in time because we are soon to become a Cost Cutter.”