CONTROVERSIAL plans to build a food store in Sale Moor have been submitted to Trafford Council despite refusal by leader of the council to sell Warrener Street Car Park.  

Plans to build the 1,140 sq. m store came to a halt after the leader of the council refused to sell the land to the developer last month.

Cllr Sean Anstee rejected an offer from Kirkland Developments to buy Warrener Street Car Park on the basis that it ‘does not represent best value’.

However, Kirkland Developments said it was contractually obliged to submit a planning application regardless of this decision.

The planning application incorporates Warrener Street Car Park, the site of the IMO car wash on Northenden Road and 26a Marsland Road.

Kirkland Developments has agreements with the owners of the other land making up the site, but not with Trafford Council with regards to Warrener Street Car Park.

Kirkland Developments has confirmed that the application has been submitted to Trafford Council.

A spokesperson for Kirkland Developments said: “We have fully considered the feedback received from the local community and we note the decision of the council to refuse our offer for the Warrener Street car park.

“However, due to contractual agreements in respect of other land within the application site, Kirkland Developments is legally obliged to bring forward a planning application for the Marsland Road / Northenden Road site in Sale Moor.

“As such, a planning application has now been submitted to Trafford Council.

“We are aware that the local community is exploring other development options for the site, and for Sale Moor generally, and we are looking forward to seeing what is put forward to the Council in due course.”

The food store plans have come up against strong opposition from both traders and residents since being announced in autumn last year.

Campaigners collected 1500 signatures opposing the proposal, staged a protest outside the public consultation and created a short campaign film highlighting the impact the store would have on trade and village life.