TIMPERLEY actor Andrew Sheridan has a fight on his hands this Christmas - and it isn't over the remote control.

He can be seen battling good and evil in Inkheart, the festive production at Manchester's newest arts venue, HOME.

Andrew said: "The play has been adapted from a book by a German writer and basically it's a story about a young girl called Meggie who finds herself in the middle of this epic battle between good and evil. Her father has a special gift that brings things to life, brings people out of books.

"My character is called Dustfinger who finds himself trapped in our world and he kind of floats between good and bad. He's a bit ambiguous - you don't really know which side he's on."

HOME is in part a successor to the old Library Theatre and the company's Christmas shows always had an appeal that transcended the age gap. Andrew is confident Inkheart will do the same.

He said Inkheart is aimed at the over 8s but added: "Kids will find it really exciting and there's lots of comedy in it as well and adults will find it just as entertaining. It's a real, real family show."

Andrew is looking forward to spending Christmas at HOME.

He said: "It's really exciting to be working in a brand new theatre and it's great to be working with Walter, because he's such a great director."

Andrew is also making a name for himself as a writer - but not on these shores. His play INSERT TITLE, inspired by teen flicks of the 80s like Ferris Bueller's Day Off is due to open in Sweden next year. The cast features the daughter of Benny Andersson.

* Inkheart is at HOME from December 4 to January 9 and tickets are available from 0161 200 1500 or you can book online at homemcr.org.