YOUNG people are being encouraged to get involved in the fight against crime by joining a junior neighbourhood watch scheme.

The project has been launched at Lime Tree Primary Academy in Sale and it has received an enthusiastic response from pupils and police.

Funding has come from Sale Moor Youth Bank which has provided a £950 grant and the initiative has come about thanks to a four way partnership that includes the police, Nurseries Estate Homewatch Association in Sale Moor, Altrincham Homewatch, and Trafford Council (Safer Communities Section).

Graham Roe, secretary of the Trafford Junior Neighbourhood Watch programme, said it is important to encourage young people to take an interest in their communities and he hoped the scheme will be rolled out to all schools across the borough in the future.

He said: "I believe it's important because young people have a very important part to play in their communities. They are part of their community and up to now they've not really been able to have a big influence on changing it, making it better and making it safer. This project will do all of those things."

Graham said the Lime Tree pupils have been receiving training to improve their observational skills and record crimes being committed.

He added: "When a report is being made to the police, the police has got a lot more information to go on."

Pupils at Lime Tree, on Budworth Road, are also being encouraged to come up with ideas to improve their communities and Graham said 30 pupils are involved from years five and six respectively.

Graham said: "Jim Battle, the deputy police and crime commissioner, has already been down to Lime Tree and taken part in one of the sessions. He thought it was excellent - a really worthwhile initiative."

He said the project gives youngsters a purely observational role and doesn't encourage them to get involved if they see a crime taking place.

There are also plans to start a similar scheme at Altrincham College of Arts.