SALE COMMUNITY group Two by Two is looking to honour long-serving lollipop lady Heather Morris.

Heather, aged 76, has been helping children across the road in Sale for 45 years.

And Two by Two founders Zoe Taylor and Anna Chopping want to celebrate that by creating a mosaic on the corner of Glebelands Road and Park Road.

Zoe, 36 and Anna, 38 are mums whose children regularly use the crossing.

Anna, of Belmont Road, said:“We felt it was such an achievement to have served for 45 years, we should acknowledge it.”

They are launching a competition for children from Park Road and Wellfield Junior schools to design a circular mosaic during road safety awareness week, November 23 – 29.

It will include pictures of Heather, who will visit them and whose anniversary is on November 2.

Tracey Cartledge, who designed the centenary mosaics for Longford Park and the Bean and Brush Family Art Café in Hayfield Walk, Sale, is going to help.

She will advise the children on their designs, help choose the winner and put the mosaic together.

Two by Two, who have already raised £135, want Messenger readers’ help to raise £3,000 which will also pay for a book of all designs to be presented to Heather.

People who donate as little as a £1 via, will have their names included in the book.

The deadline for donations is November 11.

Zoe and Anna, from Mersey Road, formed the community group a year ago.

They wanted to organise more activities for children and they have already run successful projects.