A NEW pre-school group has opened on Heyes Lane in Timperley at what was once the home of the facility affectionately known as 'Aunty Lynn's'.

The new group called Little Learners, was set up by a committee of parents with the help of Lynn Grassby, owner of the original group.

She has performed a 'mentoring' role according to project spokesman Mandy Willett, whose son Lewis attended her Heyes Lane Pre-School.

Mandy, 35, from Riddings Road. said Little Learners is a not-for-profit concern and said it was important to provide this service in the area.

She said: "So many children have relied on and enjoyed this facility for over 40 years, we felt it was important to keep the setting going in any way we could. With pre-school settings closing due to restrictions on funding, it's important that as a community we work together to keep choice available to parents."

Mandy said the group meets in the same "much loved school room" and parents and friends gave up their summer to give the space a "refresh," repainting and making soft furnishings.

She stressed Little Learners is a completely new venture. But two of the staff who worked under Lynn Grassby have stayed on at Little Learners.

Mandy said youngsters at Little Learners learn through play based activities.

She explained: "At Little Learners there is a wide range of appropriate play activities which enables children to learn and develop their physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills through doing and talking whilst having fun.

"We provide both indoors and outdoor activities, both adult led and child initiated."

Heyes Lane Pre-School closed earlier this year due to funding issues.

* Little Learners is run on a not-for-profit basis meets in the school room, behind Timperley Congregational Church, Heyes Lane, Timperley, three times a week. Anyone interested in finding out more should call 07835 863223 or info@little-learners.co.