ACTIVISTS for 20mph speed limits for residential roads have launched an Altrincham campaign.

Resident Daniel Jerrome contacted 20’s Plenty for Us in August with concerns about ‘inappropriately high speeds’ in residential areas in the town.

Daniel has now joined ranks with the campaign group to launch a petition which calls on Trafford Borough Council to enforce 20mph speed limit on all residential streets across Altrincham.

“Not only have I seen cars driving fast on residential roads but many people have told me that they’ve seen the same,” said Daniel.

“That’s why we have launched our campaign Saturday with a petition and we urge people to sign up and support us for safer, cleaner roads.”

Although 20mph speed limits are not currently in operation in the town, Trafford Borough Council has not ruled out their implementation in the future.

Executive Councillor John Reilly said: “The council does not currently have a set policy on introducing 20mph zones, however we are aware of a three-year study being conducted by the Department for Transport on the effectiveness of 20mph zones, which will bring together data from different regions as well as new research carried out on the roads.

“The results of the study are due in 2017. Once this research is published, a review will be undertaken to look at the possibly of introducing 20mph speed limits throughout Trafford in residential areas with large numbers of pedestrian movements.”

To sign the petition, search 20’s Plenty for Altrincham on

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