LIFE on both sides of Manchester's football divide are explored in four new plays - and the project features work by two writers with Trafford links.

City fan Sarah McDonald Hughes, originally from Flixton, is one of the playwrights who'll see her work featured in By Far The Greatest Team at The Lowry.

But the 34-year-old said you don't need an interest in 'the beautiful game' to enjoy this latest production by Monkeywood Theatre.

Two plays are written by Blues and the others by Manchester United followers - including Timperley actor/writer Andrew Sheridan whose loyalties lie with the Reds.

She said: "The plays are all very different but they all take as their starting point what it is to be a football fan in Manchester, now.

"There's no football played on stage and its not about players or managers. Its about fans and what their experience is.

"Our ideal audience would be an audience of people who go to football and might not go to theatre and people who go to theatre who might not be interested in football.

"The stories we're telling are about relationships and people and take football as their starting point and then examine issues about identity and community and belonging. They are four Manchester stories that could only be told about this city. If you're not interested in football that's irrelevant, really.

"On the flip side of that we hope people who do watch football will see their experiences reflected back to them."

Sarah said the project was started partly in response to the warm reception her play Maine Road received, centred around City's famous former home.

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