HALE and Altrincham parents with their own businesses have met again to share experiences and support one another in achieving that perfect balance of home life and business success.

Everyone left inspired and motivated with at least that one new idea or spark that will push them forward.

The message was clear from all the businesses that attended — times can be tough, sometimes isolating, but having the freedom of your own business is amazing.

The event helps solve that isolation factor that is so common amongst small businesses.

Parents thinking about starting their own business were welcomed and encouraged by the rest of the group.

Angela Roberts, founder of ParentPreneur Networking, said: “The overwhelming beauty about this networking meeting is not purely to get a sale, but to support, help and motivate each other in fulfilling our dream.”

Guest speaker Tina Devine, brainchild of Devine Energy, shared her inspirational story and as a reiki practitioner and qualified life coach, offered fellow ParentPreneurs a complimentary one-to-one consultation.

Each individual showcased their business, the group organised team leaflet drops in the area, Arbonne International gave free beauty samples and bar traders offered complimentary cocktail vouchers.

The next Altrincham event will take place on Tuesday, September 22, venue to be confirmed.

To book, contact Angela at info@parentpreneurnetworking.co.uk