THE upstairs room of Sale’s Moorfield Hotel was packed for story-telling club, Success Stories’ annual storyteller of the year competition.

Except for the odd bout of laughter when amusing tales were told, the room was quiet as people listened intently.

There were intriguing stories from all over the world.

It was an Arabic folk tale from Persia, entitled Ameen and the Ghoul told by Wajida Bakari, that won after an audience vote.

Wajida was a guest from the Rostrum, Rochdale, a public speaking club, and this was only the second story she had told in public.

The 42-year-old primary school teacher said: “I was very nervous and, at first, forgot the lines and had to start again.

“ I think my story was chosen because the ending was so unpredictable.”

In second place, came Iris Skipworth, 16, with her Iroquois Trickster Tales.

Pennant Roberts’ humorous Tales from Early Love Life came third and in fourth place was Marlene Oliver’s Knitting for God.

Founder and organiser of the story telling club, Sharon Richards presented Wajida with an engraved box.

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