THE TRAFFORD dentist who treated an Altrincham woman that repeatedly superglued her teeth back into her mouth said her case was one of the worst he has ever seen.

48-year-old Angie Barlow performed the risky DIY procedure on herself for ten years, because she was so terrified of visiting a dentist.

She appears on BBC One this Thursday, June 4, alongside the man who helped put a smile back on her face – Dr Kailesh Solanki of Kissdental.

“It’s one of the worst I’ve seen. Certainly in the top three,” said Kailesh, who features in The Truth About Your Teeth at 9pm.

“It was particularly bad because of what she had resorted to.

“The use of the superglue itself was pretty dangerous. It’s toxic stuff. It was deteriorating her teeth and there were problems with her oral health generally.”

Angie’s fear of the dentist stemmed from when her mother was diagnosed with throat cancer while having a tooth removed.

Before beginning her treatment, she explains how her teeth had made her reclusive and insecure.

“Even in front of my son, I’m embarrassed to sit and have a conversation with him, so I just turn my head away while I talk to him,” says Angie, a professional dog walker.

“Half the time I talk with my hand over my mouth.”

The programme documents Angie’s trip to a consultant in King’s College, before beginning treatment with Kailesh last November.

“When she first came in she was a heavy smoker. That’s a very large factor in people losing their teeth; the biggest factor in oral gum disease and also increases the risk of oral cancer,” added Kailesh.

“Upon the initial examination, we determined that she really needed to have all her top teeth out. Implants on the bottom were ok as long as she stopped smoking.

“We have just finished her final bridge in February and she’s having regular checks.

“Now, she’s a completely different person.

“It’s the best part of my job: That change in confidence you see in people is what makes it worthwhile.”

The first episode of the Truth About Your Teeth will air at 9pm on Thursday, June 4.

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