PIRATE stories always fascinate children and Sharon Richards’ book, Pirates Out of Time allows modern children to confront original pirates preserved on a desert island

One child, Robert, who lacks his brother’s sporting or communication skills, learns a skill which ultimately saves lives.

Sharon, 57, of Sale said:“You don’t have to be an A* student or top sportsman to succeed. Everyone shines in some way.”

Fifteen years ago she developed a neurological condition which made reading difficult.

When her sons, aged four and seven asked for a story about pirates, she made one up.

“The whole thing came to me in a flash and I thought I’d better write it down.”

Interspersed with spells of sickness, it took seven years to complete.

“If you are ill in bed, you can proof read at least,” she said.

“I came up with the idea of descendants of 18th century pirates who had mutinied, living on the island.

“I wanted them to live an eighteenth century lifestyle, unaware of modern life.”

Her book is exciting. Different adventures occur constantly, making it good reading for adults, too.

Sharon, who is now working on Deathly Inheritance, a spooky book for children, said:“It is an old-fashioned, exciting book without blood, guts or zombies.”

The author will hand deliver her book locally to save postage and packing Contact her on 07854 227 805.

Published by Success Stories Publishing Ltd, it is available, priced £7.99 paper back or £1.99 e-edition, from Amazon, G.I.F.T, Hale or from Chorlton Book Shop where it is part of a Pirate display.