A TRAFFORD candidate at the General Election is standing for a party that some might think is a relic from Dickensian times.

Paul Bradley-Law has been selected as the Parliamentary candidate for the Whig Party for Stretford and Urmston.

And while the Whigs were a major political force for two centuries - providing 16 prime ministers - it is now more than 150 years since the party's heyday.

But despite that Paul, aged 40, is convinced the movement has a bright future.

He said: "“I’m honoured to be helping to bring back a fantastic Whig tradition to Greater Manchester and to campaign to represent my home town and a constituency which absolutely embodies progressive, confident and forward thinking attitudes.

"Whigs believe that politics should have a vision; that governments should seek to do more than just preserve what exists.

"The growing success of Stretford and Urmston with its increasing diversity, sense of community, civic-mindedness and self-driven local recovery are testament to its people who deserve a better, more confident future than the other parties are promising.”

Paul, of Church Road, Urmston, is married to Kirsty and the couple have two sons, Will, aged five, and Teddy, three.

He runs a technology recruitment company based in Manchester city centre.

The Whig Party was founded in 1678 and notable Whigs included Robert Walpole, considered to be Britain’s first prime minister. Its supporters credit it with achievements including the abolition of slavery and expanding the electorate..

Paul is one of five candidates currently selected by the Whig Party to contest seats in the General Election.

The other candidates in Stretford and Urmston are: Louise Ankers (Lib Democrats), Lisa Cooke (Conservative), Kate Green (Labour), Geraldine Coggins (Green), Kalvin Chapman (UKIP) and Paul Carson (Population Party UK).